Woehler Research Group

Past meetings

1965 - Cozumel, Mexico
Oral Pathology

Charles A. Waldron, DDS, MDS

1966 - Lake Atitlan and Guatemala City, Guatemala

D. Walter Cohen, DDS

1967 - Cozumel, Mexico

Albert T. Wiebrecht, DDSH
Peter Bimler, MD, DDS

1968 - St. Croix, Virgin Islands
Oral Surgery

Major General Robert B. Shira

1969 - Isla Mujeres, Mexico 
Restorative Dentistry

Rex Ingraham, DDS
Niles F., Guichet, DDS
H. William Gilmore, DDS
Bruce B. Bell, DDS

1970 - Chihuahua City, Topolobampo & Copper Canyon, Mexico
Radiology, Pharmacology and Endodontia

Albert G. Richard, MS
James W. Smudski, DDS, PhD
Jacob B. Freedland, DDS

1971 - Barbados, British West Indies
How To Be Happy Through Middle-Age, Married and a Dentist

Everett L Shostrum, PhD
Jack L Rosenburg, MA,DDS
James J. Kavanaugh, PhDG
George R. Bach, PhD


From established format, Woehler Research Group members spent a week at Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA utilizing Jack L Rosenburg, MA, DDS, as seminar leader on approaches to personal growth. Sponsored a representative team of Group members (James H. Lee, DDS, William H. Sunlen, DDS and Almon O. Thompson, DDS) who lectured two weeks in Italy, France, and Germany.

1973 - Roatan Island, Honduras
Economics in the Dental Practice of the Future

Harvey B. Sarner, BS, LLB
Hans R Sennholz, MA,PhD
Ferris M. Hoggard, Jr.

1974 - San Jose, Costa Rica
Hypnosis and Mind Control in Dental Practice

David A. Gouch, MD
Gerald E. Halker, DDS
Joe B. McCawley
Emil V. Spillman, MD
Sheldon A. Rose

1975 - San Andres Island, Colombia
New Dimensions in Functioning Anatomy and Physiology

John C. McCarny, MD
Bob Barringer, MD
Sally Lynch Alysoun
Ford Thomas Hanna, PhD

1976 - Scotts Bluff, NE and Casper, WY
Simplification of Dental Techniques for Quality Plus Efficiency

Alvin Artz, DDS
Joe Venerri, DDS
Benjamin R. Baker, DDS
Omer K. Reed, DDS
Dale Smith, DDS

1977 - Morelia, Mexico
Investing Your Time for Profit and Pleasure

Stanley M. Bergman, Esq., CPA
Patricia Garfield, PhD
Russ Burgess Gordon J. Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD
Thomas W. Mumame, DMD
Ame G. Lauritzen, DDS

1978 - Portland and Astoria, OR
Twenty Years of Change and its Effect on Dentistry

Robert J. Samp, MD
Grady Coates
Frank E. Kennedy, PhD
University of Oregon Dental School Staff

1979 - Merida, Mexico
Current Concepts of Periodontal Therapy

Henry M. Goldman, DMD

1980 - Morelia, Mexico
Oral Reconstruction and Occlusion

Peter A. Neff, DDS
Hilt Tatum, Jr., DDS
Arnold S. Weisgold, DDS
Ame G. Lauritzen, DDS

1981 - Veracruz, Mexico
How to Manage Practice and Self for Greater Prosperity

Ralph B. King, Jr., DDS
Martin L "Bud" Schuman Bill Thaw

1982 - Quebec City, Canada
How to Flourish for the Rest of Your Life

Charles Blair, DDS
John K McGill, CPA
Robert L. Beasley, PhD
Ronald E. Jordan, DDS, MSD
Donald Gratton, DDS

1983 - Runaway Bay, Jamaica
Dentistry, the Bread & Butter Of It

William C. Strupp, Jr., DDS
General Surindar N. Bhaskar
J. Marvin Reynolds, DDS
Clarence L. Sockwell, DDS

1984 - San Jose, Costa Rica
One of a Kind Explorations in Dentistry

William B. Farrar, DDS
Barbara W. Sonneborn, BA, MAEd
J.D. Salvatore A. Carpino, Esq.
Major General Robert B. Shira
Robert H. Griffiths, DDS

1985 - San Antonio, TX
Health in and Around Teeth - Into Retirement

Martin L. "Bud" Schulman
Joe H. Camp, DDS
Arthur K "Kip" Weathers, DDSD
Walter Cohen, DDS

1986 - University of Edinburgh, Scotland
Maintaining Your Dental Practice on a Sophisticated Level

George A. Zasarb, DDS, MS
Sam B. Holyroyd, DDS, MS
Tom M. Limoli, DDS
International Association of Oral Pathologists

1987 - Victoria, BC, Canada
Potpourri of General Dentistry

Stanley F. Malamed, DDS
Bernard Levin, DDS, MEd
Leendert "Len" Boksman, DDS, BSc
Donald Grafton, DDS
Paul Sills, DDS

1988 - Parador El Guajataca, Puerto Rico
Feeling Comfortable in Dentistry

Donald E. Antonson, DDS
Robert A. Dreyfus, Jr. DDS
John J. Mitcherling, DDS
William W Mitchering, DDS
P. Robert Johnson, DDS
Karl H. Maragides, DDS
Miguel A. Garcia Molinari, DDS, LLB
D. Cade Nelms, BS, DDS, PhD, MD

1989 - Oaxaca, Mexico
Concepts and Techniques for Today's Dentist

Richard Chace, Jr., DMD
Arthur Eddy Skidmore, DDS, MS
Nasser Barhgi, DDS, MA

1990 - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
The Materials, Know-How & Financial Reward for All Dentists

James L. Sandrik, MS, PhD
James Brown Iackson, DDS
Crawford A. Bain, BDS, DDS, MS

1991 - Abaco, Bahamas
Dental Complexities of Our Times

Clifford W. Fox, Jr., DDS
Jeffery P. Okerson, DMD
Paul W. Iohnson, DDS
Dr. Gerard J. Chiche

1992 - Rapid City, SD
The Changing Face of Dental Care

William K. Bottomley, BS, MS, DDS, MS
Van R. Thompson, DDS, PhD
Janet A. Yellowitz, DMD, MPH, RDH
Allan H. Dana, MBA

1993 - New Orleans, LA
Your Dental Practice: Tune Ups and/or Turn Overs

Carl M. Caplan, DDS, MBA
Gunner Phillipp Michael W. Freeny, MSW
Michael Goldfogel, DDS
Dr. Gerald J. Chiche

1994 - West Palm Beach, FL
A Moveable Feast In a Year of Study Around Teeth Inside Teeth, Balanced function, Natural Looks

Michael K. McGuire, DDS
James E. Haddix, BA, DMD

1995 - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Discoveries for a Robust Dental Practice Into the 21st Century

Carl M. Caplan, DDS, MBA
Richard L. Sullivan, BS, CPA
Clifford W. Fox, DDS

1996 - Banff, Canada
Moving Your Practice Forward - Answers to Today's Issues

Doyle C. Williams, DDS
Ric Graham
Robert R. Faucett, DDS
Mark T. Shehan, DDS
Keith Manning, DDS, MSc, FADI
Donald G. Yu, DMD, CAGS, MScD
John F. Wofaardt, BDS
M. Dent., PhD

1997 - Tuttlegen, Germany
Keeping Pace with Technology: A Year of Participation with A View of Tomorrow

Clifford J. Ruddle, DDS, FACD, FICD
Tulsa Dental/Dentsply International
Alfred I. Heller

1998 - Tamarindo, Costa Rica
A Potpourri of Learning

Harold L. Crossley, DDS, PhD Open Medical System, Inc.
J. Mel Hawkins, DDS, BScD, (AN), FADSA, FICD

1999 - Copper Canyon, Mexico
Treatment Planning Your Practice and your Finances

Bruce Waterman, DMD, PA
Larry R. Holt, DDS
Kevin L. Johnson, MBA, CPA

2000 - Montreal, Canada
Y2k Clinical updates Are You Ready?

William S. Jameson, DDS
Terry T. Tanaka, DDS
Peter J. Chauvin, DDS
Julia Pompura, DDS
Gordon Schwartz, DDS

2001 - Seattle, Washington
Concepts For The New Millennium

Lousi G. DePaola, DDS
John C. Lee, DDS
Vincent G. Kokich, DDS, MSA
C. Lynn David, DDS
Eric Rindler, DDS

2002 - Los Suenos, Costa Rica
Concepts for the Progressive Dental Practice

James B. Jackson, DDS, CFP
Don Denton
Lorin Berland, DDS, FACD
David Traub, DDS
Larry Lopez, DDS

2003 - Jackson Hole, WY
Expanding The Dental Focus

Ann Eshenaur Spolarich, RHD, PhD
Andre V. Kilter, DDS, MS
George Henry Blakey III, DDS, MS
Matthew T. Wood, DDS, MS
Paul W. Ionson, DDS
Frank LaMar, Sr., DDS, FACD

2004 - Reykjavik, Iceland
Orofacial Pain: Diagnostic Dilemmas Sleep Disturbances: The Dentist's Role in Diagnosis and Management

Peter Neff, DDS, ScD, FACD, FICD
J. William Robbins, DDS, MA
Henry A. Gremillion, DDS, MAGD

2005 - Guanajuato, Mexico
Pain management: A Selective Armamentarium for The 21st Century Dental Practitioner

Peter Neff, DDS, ScD, FACD, FICD
S. Mark Borganelli, MD, FACC
Dennis R. Stone, MD, PA
J. Mel Hawkins, DDS, BScD (AN), FADSA, DADBA, FICD

2006 - Bar Harbor, ME
In Their Own Words

Will Martin, DMD, MS
Ronald A. Baughman, DDS, MSD
W. Charles Blair, DDS

2007 - Napa Valley, CA
Predictable, Profitable Efficient, Esthetic Dentistry

Alan Fetner, DMD
Scott Perkins, DDS
Raymond Bertololti, DDS

2008 - Bryce Canyon National Park, UT
The Worn Indention. Biological Principles of Cause & Effect, with Restorative & Endodontic Solutions

Dennis Brave, DDS
Harold Heyman, DDS
Kelley Conway, DDS, MS
Jerry James, DDS

2009 - Gamboa Resort, Panama Canal
Successful Dentistry in the 21st Century - Restorative and Financial Situation

Matt Wood, DDS, MS
James B. Jackson, DDS
Robert C. Vogel, DDS

2010 - Grand Traverse Bay, MI
Taking Your Patients and Yourself to a Higher Plateau

Harold L. Crossley, DDS, PhD
Richard Finlayson, DDS
S. Mark Borganelli, MD, FACC
Mark T. Shehan, DDS

2011 - Rapid City, SD
Practice Concepts for the Progressive Dentist

Steven Hamrick, DMD, MS
Robert Vogel, DDS
Darryl Nelson, CPA

2012 - Aruba, Netherlands Antilles
Traditional Implant Placement

Uday Reebey, DMD, MD
Conrad Rensbury, CDT

2013 - Coeur d’Alene, ID
Endodontic Therapy: Adult Techniques, Pediatric Options

Joe H. Camp, DDS

2014 - San Diego, CA - **50th Anniversary Meeting**
Lasers in Periodontal Treatment and CBCT imaging and Intra-Oral Scanners

Samuel B. Low, DDS, MS, M.Ed
Howard Golan, DDS 

2015 - Prague, Czech Republic
Increasing Vertical Dimension in one visit, New Paradigm of Practice Management

Robert Harvey, DDS (WRG Member)
MUDR. Petr Hanjy

2016 - Halifax, Nova Scotia
CBCT 3D Imaging, What’s in Your Scan

Dale A. Miles, BA, DDS, MS, FRCD, ABOM

2017 - Nashville, TN
Adhesive and Restorative Dentistry, Separating Fact From Fiction

Harald Heymann, DDS, M.Ed

2018 - Dublin, Ireland
An Amalgamation of European Dentistry, Restoring the Terminal Dentition

Dublin Dental University Hospital

2019 - Safety Harbor, FL and Vancouver, BC, Canada
Saving Teeth and Placing Implants, Management of the Dental Practice, Pharmacology, Medically compromised Patients, and the Opioid Crisis

2020 - San Antonio, TX, Asheville, NC and Jackson Hole, WY
Periodontic Concepts and Applications, Principals of Procedural Sedation and Medical Urgencies and Emergencies in Dental Practice, Endodontic Update 2020

2021 - St. Petersburg, FL, Charleston, SC and Santa Fe, NM
Medical Urgencies and Emergencies in the Dental Practice, Successful Pre-surgical "All-On-None Complete Dentures, Hybrid Prosthetic Treatment: What Works, What Doesn't, and Why

2022 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Hilton Head, SC, Los Suenos, Costa Rica

Milled Overdentures and All On Four Prosthetics, Oral Pathology Update, Turning Ordinary Into Extraordinary