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John L. Woehler
John L. Woehler

The WOEHLER RESEARCH GROUP was organized February 18, 1961 at the home of Lewis J. Marchand in Gainesville, Florida, and founded to fulfill a great need for organized creative study in the promotion of better dentistry. The organization was named in honor of John L. Woehler of Sierra Madre, California – an inspiration to all dentists who have heard his teaching of the human emotional aspects of dental practice.

A 1925 graduate of the School of Dentistry of the University of Southern California, Doctor Woehler has taught in the postgraduate department of Dental Economics at his Alma Mater for ten years and is coordinator in the post graduate courses in all phases of Dentistry and consultant in U.S.C.’s Human Factors Research Division. He has taught postgraduate Practice Administration at the University of Washington and in a member of the American Academy of Practice Administration.

In addition to his teaching affiliations, Doctor Woehler leads seminar study groups in Oral Diagnosis, Treatment Planning and Case Presentation. He is a recognized dental management consultant and serves national as a consultant in the design of functional offices.

Even before the first meeting of the group Dr. Marchand had given considerable thought to its purpose and ideals and requested specific recommendations from each prospective member. Consequently, it was agreed to call on creative-thinking men to whom dentistry was more than a vocation and who would invest time and money.


Lewis J. Marchand
Lewis J. Marchand

With Doctors Lewis Marchand, William Hembree and William Sunlen as charter members and Doctor Woehler as its Honorary Member, the group was incorporated in November, 1963 and has since expanded its membership to twelve. Administration is minimal – little time for business meeting is ever required. Elsewhere to be found in this Journal are biographical histories and photographs o f the members presently comprising the group.

In order to encourage members to interest themselves in matters of original research, the group decided to include the regular publication of a Journal as a major continuing project and a public relations gesture. By so doing, the hope is fostered that other similar study groups will likewise follow suit.

Regular stated meeting are held three times annually – spring, summer and fall. The annual meeting, up to the present time of writing, has been held in the summer in the country of Mexico, close to the early Mayan influence. With such a paradise for a background, clinicians and members, present papers for discussion and evaluation in the very early morning hours so as to provide a favorable time for recreation in the sun and the clear warm waters of the Caribbean. The other two meetings are usually held at the J. Hillis Miller Health Center, a medical school of the University of Florida, Gainesville, where the very latest in clinical and technical research is presented by the nation’s outstanding clinicians. Fellowship is the high note of the group’s success; lasting friendship have been found and made in a most congenial environment.




Dr. Jeb James is our unofficial historian:


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